1.To crack the WinRAR passwords, you need to download the WinRAR Password Genius from this link https://www.isunshare.com/rar-password-recovery.html and install it on your PC. This software is the solution to all your worries and it works in three steps to complete the WinRAR password recovery.
2.To start WinRAR recovery process, you need to fire-up the software and import the .RAR file into the WinRAR Password Genius. You can do this by hitting the Open button and look for the .RAR file on your computer to bring it in the Encrypted File box.

3.The software uses multiple attack techniques to crack the WinRAR password. Different kinds of attacks are Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. These are used to guess different types of passwords and you need to use these methods accordingly. Read more about these here to select the type and settings.
4.Now after choosing the Type of attack from the drop-down list, select the attack type and crack WinRAR password by pressing the Start button.
5.After this, the software will start its process and recover the WinRAR password for you. As the software cracks the file, a pop-up will appear showing you the password.

6.Now, open the password protected .RAR file in WinRAR and you’ll see a dialog that asks for the password. Now, enter the recovered password and hit enter. This will bypass the password and now you can access your files and extract them.

To crack the WinZIP password protected files, you need to use the WinZIP Password Genius.

Download Link: http://atominik.com/pFv

Virus Scan Link: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...f95e452edcf4c3543e2f28d5/analysis/1484707533/

Credits By: IGNHandsome