Here is as simple as hacks get, in this tutorial I will show you the basics of How to Hack Games in this all new, exclusive GuidedHacking Game Hacking Tutorial
This is a very simple game and even if you have no experience in programming you should still be able to complete this.
Just follow the tutorial and you shouldnt have any problems, the source code is available for download at the end.
If your trying to get in to hacking and reverse Engineering I HIGHLY recommend you follow the tutorial and not just copy and paste, but thats up to you

Visual Studio 2015 removed C++ Windows Forms from their package but @till0sch has the solution for you
There is, you can still do it..

I have VS2015 and here is what I did:
1. Create a new project
2. Go to the bottom 'Online'
3. Search for 'C++ Windows Forms'
4. This should install the template
5. Create a new project (Win32 Project), set everything up as DLL/empty project
6. In properties, add CLR support (/CLR)
7. Add your form (you should have a template 'C++ windows forms')
8. Have your DllMain code set up, start a new thread from it which will do the following:

winform2::MyForm^ myform = gcnew winform2::MyForm();

That's what I did and after injecting the form does show up.
Visual studio c++
Cheat engine
AssaultCube game

The methods shown here can be applied to most games out there. Follow the tutorial and i guarantee you will have a complete Hack which can be used to cheat in your favourite game.C++ HOW TO HACK any game TUTORIAL Pt 1 to part 17
IntroThats it i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned how to hack games.

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