Tested - Windows 7 - Undetected
Not Tested - Windows XP, 8 and 10 - Maybe Detected

Tested - 64 bit - Undetected
Not Tested - 32 bit - Maybe Detected


*Auto On*
-Naked Wallhack - May not work in Windows 10
-CrossHair - NEW!
-Unli Ammo
-Unli Grenades
-Unli Zombie Grenades
-No Recoil
-No Spread
-No Flash
-Super Fast Switch
-Anti DC when spamming Grenade
-Double Up
-Knife Point
-@cafe Point
-Holy Bless

*EXP Hack* - Optional
-11k EXP per game

*Weapon Hacks* - Optional
-Multi Bullets - NEW!
-Multi Knife - NEW!
-Multi Zombie Slash - NEW!
-Rapid Fire
-Rapid Slash
-Rapid Zombie Slash
-Long Knife - NEW!
-Long Zombie Slash - NEW!
-Damage Hack - NEW!
-Knife Through Walls - NEW!
-Shoot Through Walls *Player Hacks* - Optional
-Speed Hack
-Super Jump
-GOD Mode(You Need to die once to make this work)

*Auto Win* - Optional
-Auto Win(Only Works if you are the host)

If you Received a Dump File error or some hacks are not working, Close SF and Inject Again

-Go to Training mode 1st to check if Multi Bullet is working, if it's not, exit and inject again

How to use:
-Prefetch And Temp Folder must be cleaned
-xcorona.xem and xcorona_x64.xem must be already deleted from Xigncode folder of SF Folder

1. Download this http://riffhold.com/UOi
2. Watch this TUT Video Clearly and Carefully to continue

ote: Use at your Own RISK

Virus Scan (False Postitve - Safe)


Thanks To Sir [HackDevs]StebX for the Injector

Credits By: bsmike019