Zoomhack / Zoomlock (Set / lock a custom/current Zoomvalue)
No Zoomlimit (Bypasses the max. and min. Zoomlimit)
AFK-Bot (Prevents you from getting kicked for AFK)
Ping Checker (Checks the ping that you'll have ingame)
Chat Spammer (Spams the League of Legends ingame Chat)

Run the hack as an Administrator.
Use any feature after the game has been loaded.

F6: Toggles Zoomlock
F7: Toggles No Zoomlimit
F8: Toggles AFK-Bot
F10: Toggles Chat-Spammer
Right Strg / RCONTROL: Restarts the Hack (Useful if the Tool has a problem)

How to use AKF-Bot:
1. Turn off Camera lock (If enabled)
2. Press F8 / Enable Button.
3. Dont move your mouse after enabled, otherwise it will turn off. Screenshots:
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 9tPCwSN
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 Lpc5c2V
AFK-Bot / Chat-Spammer
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 PCvNrfD
Ping Checker
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 OFfdatr
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 Z0sGkJu
[Release] [MiS] Multihack v2.1 Upload_2017-3-10_14-2-55-png
Download Link: http://atominik.com/ngK

- Some Zoomhack improvements
- Added "Disable All" button
- Added Right-Click shortcuts on Zoomhack and Zoomlock

- New Design
- Removed Auto-LastHit (Useless, Buggy)
- Zoomlock is now bug free
- No Zoomlimit also allows to scroll further to the Ground
- Crashes are fixed (Report any Crash you still get)
- Takes less CPU Performance
- Added 2 more Servers to Ping Checker

Just a short note for everyone who has trouble for using this. Press "Disable All" button at the end of a match and everything is resetted to default.