[Release] [Undetectable] Dota 2 Ready (Work on ALT TAB) RuZ1Pds Required:
You must configure your Dota to [BORDLESS WINDOW] or [Window Mode (without using minimize button, use alt tab instead!)].
You must stay on the Comunnity tab in the game, the reason is: less color to conflict in Pixel Scan.

It should work with every resolution and now even while ALT TAB.

Completely Rewritten, now it's coded on C# and have only 26KB!

What it does:
- Scan for an pixel color in the red line displayed in the preview, it now works by screenshot instead of live pixel scan, it's much faster now and work while alt tab.
- Automatically click in Accept button on Find Match Making.
- Automatically click in Deny on Recruitment Invitations.
- Button to make dota 2 taskbar icon appear again when it disappeared (windows 8 bug with dota 2)

* v3.0 changelog:
- Fixed problem with Recruitment Auto Deny.
- It should automatically stop when the match begin (someone please test this)
- It will now only scan for the Match Matching when you're searching for an game, it will avoid wrong detections while shopping and so.
- It will enable automatically when you start the program.
- It will stop automatically when you close your dota.
- Added Tray Icon with show/hide option.
- Added description on preview in place that it will use the Pixel Scan.
- It will search for similar colors now instead of fixed color only (more compatibility with other resolutions)
- The description "Finding Match Point" will be green when you're searching for an match.
- Few bugs fixed.

* v4.0 changelog:
- Fixed crash when you open more than one instance of this program (only 1 instance allowed now)
- Added exit to system tray menu.
- Added button to fix an bug on dota 2 with windows 8 that make the taskbar icon disappear, it will make it appear again.
- Added compatibility to use in bordless window with different resolution than your desktop.
- Added compatibility to use it in window mode (without bordless), as long you don't minimize it! (use alt tab or alt esc instead)
- Decreased Interval from 2500ms to 1500ms.
- Few others bugs fixed.

* v5.0 changelog:- Project renamed to: Dota 2 Ready
- Added option to customize the hotkeys (it will be stored on registry)
- Interval will now be automatically stored on registry on changes.

* v6.0 changelog:- Changed layout
- Updated to work with latest dota 2 update.
- Fixed Auto Stop when game start to work with custom loading screens.